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All us know what our car means to us and those who take care of their car recognizes the importance of battery in their cars.

Consider battery as the heart of cars, and without a soul, there is no life.

To maintain good health is the responsibility of the owner which is only possible if you invest the right amount of money in batteries made by reputable companies.

Proper maintenance is equally important for the battery to last it longer.

To buy a good battery that is compatible with your car, you need to know some specific thing about car batteries.

Things to consider while buying a car battery:

Purchasing a car battery is not rocket science you just need to know what to search for.

Most of the car batteries have a live span of 4 to 5 years.

We all know that cost is the primary factor for selection, but it should not be the only one to consider while comparing. So, here are some of the main aspects to consider while selecting a battery for your car.Read more about battery reconditioning guide here.

  1. Size of the battery

It is the first and the foremost thing to think before buying a battery.

Most of the batteries are of standard size, but some have different length, width, and height. So it is recommended to consult a mechanic or check the owner manual before buying one.

It can even be verified by comparing it with the previous battery.

The perfect size battery is one that fits perfectly in the battery tray and prevents damage caused from vibrations.

  1. Reserve time capacity

It refers to the time the battery runs on its own without the engine


means a number of working hours after charge. Higher reserve capacity helps to withstand the situation where you forgot to turn off the lights,

and car alternator fails or in case of the noncompliant engine.

So it is suggested to buy a battery with high reserve capacity even though it cost extra bugs.

  1. Date of manufacturing

Manufacturing date is shown by a code consisting of letters and numbers.

The letter stands for months and number year of manufacturing. Avoid buying a battery which is older than six months from the manufacturing date.

This will reduce the efficiency and affect the performance, so be careful will choosing one.

  1. Maintenance

There are two types of battery one with maintenance and other with no maintenance.

The one with maintained is unsealed with caps which require servicing after every six months and need to add distilled water occasionally.

  1. Power Capacity

This referred to as CCA and CA which means cold cranking amps and cranking amps respectively.

Cold cranking (CA) is the energy use to start the engine at 32 degrees Fahrenheit whereas cranking cold (CA) is the ability of the battery to start at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

CCA is used in cold climate during CA in normal climatic condition.

While these are things to consider while buying a car battery, there are many more such as warranty, battery hours, the position of terminal and lot more.

Also, be aware with the terms and condition that can void the warranty of the battery.

Therefore the above mentioned are the essential points to keep in mind when buying a battery for your car. But it is evenly necessary to know different types of batteries available in the market and which one is an ideal for your car.

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Types of Batteries

  1. Starting, Lighting and Ignition Batteries

Importantly most car batteries are Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI) batteries. Like the name infers, these batteries not only help your car engine start but also give enough power to your lights, ignition and lot more.

SLIs have a shallow charge cycle (the time it takes to run down the battery and charges it back) and can deliver power in no time.

  1. Lithium-Ion Batteries

While being incompatible in the past with most of the cars available, in recent years,

there have been various cars, including electric and hybrid, that utilization Lithium-Ion and Li-ion batteries because of its more energy storing capacity, more power and light in weight in comparison to other traditional batteries.

However, the major drawback of Li-ion batteries is it last not more than three years which make it expensive concerning other lead-acid batteries.

  1. Wet Cell Batteries

Wet Cell batteries are called because of fluid (frequently a mix of lead, sulfuric corrosive and water) that makes the battery “electrolyte.” Wet Cell batteries are often more affordable than other batteries,

but don’t give a similar service and cycle life that VRLA batteries do.

Some wet cell batteries need to be maintained regularly because of lost of electrolytes at a specified interval of time.


Therefore these are a few types of many types of battery. If you are still unable to decide which battery suits your car, then we are going to list the top 3 batteries for the car.

Top 3 best car batteries


  1. Odyssey PC680 Battery

best car battery 2








Odyssey PC680 Battery is the first name in our top 3 list.

If you are searching for the best cycle battery, Odyssey will be an ideal option.


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Well, this battery has a decent spot in RVs battery industry, being famous for its phenomenal productivity.

With a built quality, this battery has a robust capacity to endure a strong pounding regardless of the environment.

It has the ability to withstand harsh conditions like sea, land or wind.



The design is unique in its way as it contains pure lead plates which help to resist vibration and prevent spills.


  1. XS Power D6500 Battery

best car batterY








Number 2 on this list is XS power D6500.

It is on the list because it highlights the sealed AGM and is perfect for 3000-4000W car sound system.

The manufacturer proclaims D6500 can be used as an additional battery o supply extra power when needed for aftermarket system or as a substitution for the standard battery.


Coming to the design of D6500, it is a leak-proof battery with no external vent. The battery is designed in a way that it fits perfectly in the location without any leaks.


  1. VMAX857 AGM Battery

best car battery










The outstanding feature of VMAX857 AGM battery and excellent user experience is the reason why it is on the 3rd position.

The exceptional highlights of this battery are the reason that makes it acclaimed among its clients.

Using VMAX857, you can encounter brilliant functions like heavy duty grid, AGM and SLA technology, non-spillable, shock, and vibration proof and maintenance free battery.

Its dimensions L=7.7″ W=5″ H=6.1″ and weighs just 25 pounds, easy transportation because of small size.

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The above mentioned are some of the best batteries for cars, but it can vary depending upon personal needs and choices.


The way you care for your car battery will decide the lifespan of the battery.

So it is essential to check your battery if not regularly then weekly or even if that is also not possible then once in a month.

Make sure to keep the things mentioned above in mind before paying for the battery.


Therefore it is vital for your engine and other systems of the car.

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