Hybrid Battery Repair – How to Recondition Properly {Ultimate Guide} 2018

The hybrid vehicle is the future of the automobile industry.

Environment-friendly and low maintenance cost makes it the priority for customers to use this ultimate piece of the car.

It means combining petrol or diesel engine with the electric power.

It serves an essential purpose, i.e., charging of the car battery, so there is no need to plug it in the charger like electric cars.

Therefore it is the future of batteries and along with the cars that are yet to come in the market.

Types of Hybrid Batteries commonly used



Lead Acid Battery-The lead-acid battery is the workhorse of rechargeable battery frameworks.

Although numerous new systems may challenge its position, its consistent quality, minimal effort, and operational life it still stands strong in comparison to its competitors.

The working of the lead-acid battery is introduced from the perspective of thermodynamic standards, electrochemical energy, and atomic structure.

Lithium-Ion Battery-A lithium-Ion battery or Li-ion battery is another type of rechargeable battery in which lithium particles move from the negative terminal to the positive terminal while charging and discharging.

Lithium-particle batteries are widely used as in-home electronics.

These are commonly used rechargeable batteries for portable devices, with a high vitality thickness, little memory impact, and low self-discharge.

Lithium-ion batteries are eminent for having a moderately high vitality thickness.

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Nickel-Metal Battery-A, nickel metal hydride battery, abridged NiMH or Ni– MH, is a kind of rechargeable powered battery.

The substance response at the positive anode is like that of the nickel-cadmium cell (NiCad), with both utilizing nickel oxide hydroxide (NiOOH).

Be that as it may, the negative anodes.

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Hybrid battery issues faced by its users

After the release of the first hybrid car, hybrid innovation stays prominent with customers.

But while hybrid cars save a lot of funds on petrol and diesel, but they come with some additional costs.

Those using hybrid cars know that it will cost more in the long run.

The most significant disadvantage of the hybrid car is the battery system.

Almost all hybrid cars use batteries that are coordinated into the powertrain.

That is uplifting news when you’re out on the road, since it implies the cars works under battery control most of the time. The outcome is better gas mileage.

The issue comes when the batteries cannot hold a charge.

Generally, the cars will never again work since the batteries are a piece of the powertrain.


Four Reasons why hybrid batteries failed

  • Dormant Battery-First off, the majority of hybrid vehicles in Sri Lanka are imported from Japan or the UK. Before a crossbreed vehicle has been transported into Sri Lanka, it would have been kept torpid for no less than a couple of months before being put in a shipping container.It likewise sits in the delivery compartment for 1 to 3 months in travel to Sri Lanka. Also, with any rechargeable battery, it ends up weaker if it isn’t used for the specific time frame. Therefore, unknowingly the owners of the new hybrid vehicle with have a weak battery pack from the beginning.


  • Improper Usage-For a muscle to remain stable and sound, it should be subjected to the right amount of the physical exercise. Just same as muscles, the nickel– metal hydride (NiMH)/Lithium-particle (Li-Ion) cells in your hybrid battery pack need to work inside a specific range to remain sound. The good working extent usually is between a ‘State of Charge’ somewhere in the between of 20% and 80%. This can be accomplished only if the hybrid vehicle is continuously driven where the charge marker gets to sway between the lowest and the maximum charge level slowly.


  • Oxidation Level-It is a slightest tricky explanation behind battery disappointment, and it mainly applies to Toyota hybrid vehicles. Be that as it may, it is as yet a worry, in this manner, it merits saying. Elevated amounts of oxidation on the copper contacts constrain the amount of energy that goes through the cell modules. In this way, it diminishes the battery cell modules and reducing the cycle somewhere between 20% and 80%.


Hybrid battery reconditioning problems and its solutions

Hybrid battery reconditioning has made things simpler in more routes than one. There is a reason that individuals view it as progressive thought.


NiMh Hybrid electric vehicle battery reconditioning comprises two essential components:

(1) Charging/balancing the battery pack and (2) deep discharging the battery pack.

Battery reconditioning is joining the charging/adjusting procedure and profound releasing procedure in numerous occasions to recondition the battery.

This procedure will separate crystal formation/voltage depressions inside the battery cells re-establishing lost practical battery limit and adjust the cell voltage levels to each other.

The closure result is a battery with the more applicable limit concerning the vehicle to exploit.

Battery Reconditioning Step-by-step Process:

1) Firstly the battery is charged until voltage stops rising. Full balancing is not required but is recommended by battery mechanics

2) Let the battery discharge to at least 0.8V/cell.

3) Charge the battery again until the voltage is stable and doesn’t rise.

4) Discharge the battery but don’t let it die completely. Keep it to 0.5V/cell.

5) Charge the battery back until the power stops rising.

6) Discharge the battery again to 0.1V/cell.

5) One last time charge and balance the battery pack. Plug in the charger and let it connect for at least 4-6 hours after the voltage stops rising to ensure the package is fully balanced.

6) Disconnect the charger and allow the battery to rest for at least 30 min (one hour is recommended) before attempting to start the car.

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There is no doubt that reconditioning batteries is fit for furnishing you with excellent outcomes.

In any case, the one thing that you should guarantee is that you make utilization of quality equipment.

You should utilize the correct charger and discharger if you need to ensure that the reconditioning treatment is effective.

In this way, get your hands on hardware that is significant in quality and can be depended on before you examine proceeding with the hybrid battery reconditioning.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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