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laptop battery repair

Well, This is Laptop Battery Repair Guide. Here’s you’ll know everything you need to know. 🙂

Batteries are the essential element of any laptop. The laptop will be a metal box without batteries.

Through the laptop batteries are very expensive and replacing them time and again will involve huge cost.

A standard battery can generally last two years, but the lifespan can be shorter depending upon the usage.

If purchasing is not an option, then you can also go for repairs to the nearby store.

The advantage will be you don’t have to purchase a new one and will save a lot of money.

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In case you are planning to repair the battery on your own, please think once as to how dangerous it can as lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable and explosive.

Here are some of the methods for restoring and laptop battery.


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Methods of laptop battery repair

  1. Reconditioning or calibrating the battery    

Like other lithium-ion batteries, laptop batteries eventually lose their capacity to hold a full charge after using about a few months.

In spite of the fact to make a battery perform like a new one is practically not possible,

but it can enhance cell performance by reconditioning or calibrating the laptop battery.


Steps for reconditioning

  1. Insert the battery into the laptop. Module the PC and enable the battery to charge entirely and then restart the laptop.
  2. Then disable hibernation. In Windows 10, for instance, first, click the start then go to control panel then click power option in the menu later select “Hibernate” tab. Uncheck the “enable hibernation.” click ok.
  3. Change settings to discharge the battery. Tap on “Control Panel,” than “performance and maintenance” then go to “Power Options” and afterward “Power Schemes.” Make a note of the settings under the “plugged in” and “Running on Batteries” to reset them later.
  4. Change all six options to “Never” starting from the drop-down list. Click ok to save the settings.
  5. Remove the charging, but don’t turn it off. Run until the battery is drained entirely and it shut down automatically.


6.     Connect the charger again, allow it to charge once again wholly, and then restart. Enable hibernation and reset the settings.


It is a pretty advanced method and requires some expertise.

How to know battery cells are dead? It happens when laptop drains very quickly like within half an hour of usage.

The reason can be when one cell stops working it affects the performance of the entire battery causing overhead,

enter into permanent failure mode and lot more.

Things needed to fix the problem

  1. Buy one dead battery from the laptop repair shop; this will not cost much. Along with it buy a multimeter, some wire, electric tape, and a wire cutter.
  2. Next, open the dead battery you bought, but be careful, try not to harm the battery box. Take out the six cells carefully by cutting the connection.
  3. At that point, check the voltage of every lithium cell with your multimeter; this should not be less than 3.6 volts for cells to be in good shape. The battery pack ought to be 12 volts in general.
  4. After checking the quality of cells connect it in the series connection using the wires
  5. Open your laptop battery gently and check the voltage; check the cells, if they are in good condition hen keep them and recycle the bad ones.
how to recondition any battery
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  1. Ensure that this works only for lithium-ion cells.
  2. For Lenovo or IBM batteries, you can detach the cells. However, they are not safe to reconnect.



   3. Remove Battery When Plugged In

If you have a laptop with removable battery its perfect, you can remove the battery when plugged in.laptop battery repair

You may need to test this since a few laptops don’t work legitimately with the battery removed.

However, if the laptop is running fine and is associated with a power source regularly, it might just help to evacuate the battery.

The chemical reactions will keep on occurring in the battery irrespective of whether or not it’s in the laptop but can increase the lifespan of the battery.

Since the battery doesn’t heat up when connecting to the charger, will give more life to the battery.

You won’t want that when the power goes out your laptop will die with it


may result in loss of essential data. This technique is very annoying, and most people won’t prefer this

4. Change the charging habits

laptop battery repair

Another option you can try is to give the battery a chance to charge to 100% and after that immediately unplug the laptop When it is in dying position, i.e., under 5%, directly connect the charger and let it charge.

It could decrease battery life on especially new lithium-ion batteries, so for those batteries,

it’s proposed you make the battery level drop around 35% to 45% and after that charge it back to 75% to 85%. Sounds insane,

but that will give you the best battery life since it won’t use up as many charges and recharge cycles.


5.The Freezing Method

laptop battery repair

It may sound insane, but it is true freezing the battery can improve the life

of the battery and allow the inside of cells to light up as new and make it last bit longer.

To do so follow the following steps

  1. Remove the battery from the laptop and put it in a plastic bag
  2. Put the bag containing the battery in the freezer. Keep the bag at least for 12 hours. Some suggest to keep it for a longer duration but try not to keep it for more than 24 hours.
  3. Now take it out from the freezer and remove the plastic. Clean the battery with a towel and let it warm up to the room temperature.
  4. Insert the battery back into the laptop and charge it completely.
  5. Once charged completely let the battery drain to zero.


Repeat 4th and 5th step at least four times. That should do the thing as long as it is leaking acid, it will show an increase in battery life.

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  1. Cool Your Computer

Laptop batteries are usually lithium-ion based you can increase the lifespan of battery by ensuring that your laptop is cool.

But if the laptop battery gets too hot, it will show a clear sign of slow functioning.

To avoid heating of laptop buy a laptop cooling pad.

It will cost five times less than a new battery, and it will prevent the fast discharge of the battery.

If you think your battery is taking its last breaths and you don’t have the money right now to buy a new one, then cool pad can give to some time to save money and buy a new one.

As the average lifespan is not more than two years.




The above details show an easy and straightforward method to increase the lifespan of your laptop battery.

Apart from this, it tells about the various thing you can do to use dead batteries for a shorter lifespan.

If these methods don’t work for you, then there is only one option to spend little extra. 🙂

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