Pros & Cons of Reconditioned Car Batteries


The primary purpose of the car battery is to supply the necessary amount of current to the starter engine and the ignition system while turning to start the car.

It likewise supplies extra current when the demand is higher, and the alternator can’t fulfill the supply.

Therefore it acts as an electrical reservoir.

The car batteries known as a lead-corrosive storage battery is an electrochemical gadget that produces voltage and delivers power to start the vehicle.

At the point when the car is running the battery electrochemical activity is switched, charging the battery, giving it many years of service.

how to recondition any battery
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Steps of Reconditioning of Car Batteries

 There are various benefits of reconditioning a car battery rather than just throwing it in the garbage dumps.

Throwing these dead or old batteries in the garbage is dangerous for the environment.

So reconditioning a battery will not only save the environment but also save money.

But the question arises how to recondition a car battery.

There are the following steps for reconditioning car battery

  1. Before starting to check your car manual as few cars have different terminals that can be used to charge the car battery. If not, continue to the subsequent steps.
  2. Compare the car with the excellent battery beside the car with the battery issue.
  3. Open the hood of the two autos. Turn on anything that uses battery power in the car. It sounds counter-beneficial however it keeps a power surge from harming any electronic device in the car.
  4. Keep the car with the excellent battery running.
  5. Use the battery jumper cables and attach the red wire to the positive (+) of the good battery and after that to the positive of the dead battery.
  6. Append the black link to the negative of the great battery.
  7. Try not to attach the opposite end to the dead battery. Instead, connect it to an unpainted surface, for example, a nut on the suspension mount.
  8. Attempt to start the car with the dead battery. It might hold up a moment or two and potentially step gently on the gas of the working car. Ensure it is to stop!
  9. At the point when the car starts, expel the leads in the backward order to which you appended them, i.e., black on the dead battery, dark on the great battery, red on the dead battery and red on the right battery.
  10. Finally, ensure you leave the car running for some time to enable the alternator to charge the dead battery appropriately.

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Another method for car battery reconditioning is to use a module battery charger.

There are different kinds of charger available, so follow the guidelines for your model.

When you’re reconditioning a car battery, ensure that the battery stays ventilated.

Therefore if it winds up hot or swollen, stop quickly.

Sometimes you have to complete a couple of minutes on “quick charge.” This will help evacuate the sulfation if there is any.

If you are charging your battery on a charger that has a “quick charge” setting make sure not to leave it on that setting longer than a moment or two.

If by chance you abandon it any longer than that you will find fluid in your battery bubbling and making hydrogen gas.

This gas is combustible and could explode if the ignition is provided.

When to recondition a Car Battery 

Your battery may be fine, and the reason it is going flat is due issues in the alternator. A quick check up to the mechanic for reconditioning can fix the problem.

All batteries have a life, and over a period, it degrades. Eventually, it stops charging, and you need to recondition or replace it.

But what are the reasons for deteriorating battery? Let’s discuss in detail.

  1. The most common reason can be due to vibration or corrosion which damages the interior of the battery and leads to premature failures.
  2. The other can be a terminal is broken, or the cable is loosened
  3. There may be the crack in the battery
  4. The sulfation might have occurred because the battery is not charged for quite a long time. In that case, you can revive the battery with trickle or slow charging.

In some case, the battery can be revived, but otherwise, you have to spend money from your pocket to buy a one.

Pros of reconditioning a car battery

Following are the advantages or benefits of reconditioning a car battery

  • Low cost

Numerous car proprietors like to use reconditioned car batteries over new ones since they are substantially less costly.

As a rule, the cost of purchasing a reconditioned battery is half contrasted to buying a new one.

A reconditioned battery requires only a few repairs and does not expect all the cost included when purchasing a brand new.

Because of this, the offering cost of a reconditioned battery is fundamentally not as much as that of a new one.

Besides that, participating in DIY battery reconditioning further brings down the cost since you can revive a dead battery all alone and the need to pay for the repair service is avoided.

But, if you have a specific end goal to do the reconditioning at home, you require to prepare or figure out how to appropriately do the job using your own hands.

To do this, you have to investigate and the most reliable source materials about DIY battery reconditioning.


  • Wealth of supply

Using reconditioned car batteries is additionally viewed as a superior alternative by plenty of car owners because of the abundance of supply.

This necessarily implies reconditioned batteries are sold all over the place, and they are promptly accessible when required.

A large number of car specialists and mechanics, in any case, emphatically urge purchasers to buy reconditioned batteries from reliable merchants to ensure that these are in excellent working condition.

What’s more, dependable and established reconditioned car battery vendors typically sell their products along with proper product guarantee policy.

  • Responsibly

The utilization of reconditioned car batteries is additionally regarded as a sound choice for most car owner since it furnishes them with a strong sense of responsibility.

As per the individuals who recondition their used batteries, they turn out to be more responsible and regular with checkup of their car’ batteries to ensure that they are in good running condition.

Moreover, a significant number of these car owners additionally make sure that they turn out to be more careful in using the car accessories that require excessive power to keep the battery from running down.

Likewise, this can be taken as a method for reusing an old item and influencing it to fit for use once more.



It explains why reconditioning is essential and most probably how to do it.

Therefore you don’t need to disturb anyone to jumpstart your car. It would be so annoying for you and the other person as well.

The best part is the process is very simple, and you can do it on your own.

And the benefits will save hell lot of time and money that you will spend on buying a new one calling the mechanic every time.

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